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Labour’s Local Election Campaign 2014

Time for Sutton to have £219 Million for the best Health and Social Care

A Labour Council will stand up for local residents to ensure our health services are protected and that we get the resources we were promised by the last Labour Government

Labour will:
1. Support a local health strategy that includes a full Acute Hospital service with A&E and maternity focused on a rebuilt hospital on the current St Helier site, Specialist Cancer services at the Royal Marsden site, both supported by Local Care Hospitals at St Helier and Wallington. We will demand the borough receives the £219 million it was allocated for a St Helier rebuild by the Labour government in 2009. A Labour council will launch a much bigger campaign for this than the current Council. We will have banners on our dustcarts and at Civic offices like Labour Merton has done. We will support a judicial review to protect local services

2. Welcome Labour’s national commitment to repeal the Health and Social Care Act and we have met with Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham who has further confirmed that. A Labour Council will also campaign against Clause 119 – supported by local Lib Dem MPs.

3. Strengthen the local Health and Wellbeing Board and subject local CCGs to intensive scrutiny, including scrutiny of where GP surgeries are placed, who is funding them and GP financial interests

4. Support a comprehensive network of GP surgeries, Health Centres, Clinics and Community Health services. We will examine ways in which cooperative business can be developed in this area; eg a co-operative consortium of most (or all) local GPs could provide out-of-hours services, similarly a co-operative out-of-hours dental triage service could be set up.

5. Provide modern Day Services for older people and disabled people and an in-house intensive Home Care Service. We want to see accessible services and early intervention rather than a service led by eligibility criteria and a sensible mixed economy of provision which includes care cooperatives.

6. Prior to future legislation, seek to develop whole person care locally through Integrated health, mental health and social care services through CCG/Borough Partnership Boards and Section 31 agreements covering older people, mental health, physical and learning disabled

7. Support the provision of Extra-Care Housing, but this should not be allowed to force elderly residents from their existing homes. We will examine ways in which cooperative business can be developed in this area.

8. Support a reduction in Meals on wheels charges after reviewing resources

9. Expand the Occupational Therapy service and speed up its assessments and ensure enough staff for ongoing provision and expand the choice of physical disability services.

10. Enhance the existing Community Transport Scheme in co-operation with the voluntary and co-operative sector.

11. Develop the public health role of the Council and review all existing project and contracts to address key health and social inequality targets. For example we will see if public health monies could be spent on providing free local gym membership and free swimming for those who are unwaged. We want to see our local public health service developing innovative behaviour change policies and contributing to community resilience


Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook