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Labour’s Local Election Campaign 2014

Quality Jobs and Ambitious Business

We are focused not only on protecting jobs, but on securing good quality, well-paid jobs for current residents and the residents of the future

Labour will:

1. Set up an economic development unit and foster partnerships with local businesses, including local town management. We will also work much more closely with the local Job Centre in developing a more local service relevant to Sutton. The aim would be to establish a local jobs guarantee for Young people if, or when, we get a labour Government, and to encourage apprenticeships

2. Establish a Co-operative Development Agency either for the borough or jointly with other South London Boroughs to provide prospective co-operatives with investment finance, advice, help with planning applications and where possible, premises.

3. Set up a dedicated team jointly with Sutton Centre for Voluntary Service (SCVS) that will promote the social economy in Sutton and draw up a local Social Economy strategy.

4. Ensure that there is an annual report to the full Council demonstrating the progress in fulfilling co-operative aims. The Council should hold an annual Co-operative and Mutual Audit session, allowing those involved in the promotion of cooperation and mutuality to cross-examine progress.

5. Set out a Strategy for expanding Local Authority Trading

6. Employ a Town Centre Manager to take responsibility for all district centres. Empty shops are a barrier to success in our town centres, so we will review resources to see if we can offer any small business that wants to put an empty shop back into use a 6 month business rate holiday to help them get off the ground.

7. Build confidence about employing disabled people. We will increase awareness of the Access to Work scheme and support local disability organisations to de-stigmatise mental health. We are committed to lobbying national government to scrap the unfair contracts for the Work Capability Assessment.

8. Ensure the Council campaigns for the maximum local Post Office services within the borough avoiding post office closures.

9. Exchange technical and cultural knowledge, information and co-operation with sister local authorities, within the European Union and wider afield including the developing world using online communication. We will ensure that Sutton remains a Fair Trade Borough.

10. Work with the co-operative movement to develop community based electricity and energy co-ops, ensuring sustainable energy can be produced and is distributed fairly and economically to consumers

11. Encourage Council staff involvement in Credit Unions and the Local Economy Trading Scheme (LETS) as well as promoting them more generally. We will publicise and promote the Croydon, Merton and Sutton Credit Union and encourage employers to allow payments by check-off.

12. Review any Council zero hour contracts except where the use of non- exclusive zero hours contracts is to the benefit of and with the agreement of the employee and trade unions and is not imposed

13. Work with providers to make Sutton a fully Wi-Fi-enabled borough. We want everyone to be able to connect to the web for free in main shopping and business areas. We want to ensure the borough has the best connectivity capability for companies who are already based here, as well as for those we want to encourage to move here.


Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook