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Labour’s Local Election Campaign 2014

Having your say

If we are to achieve a cohesive borough at a time of financial difficulty, it is important that residents have a chance to contribute their views

Labour will:

1. Develop a Young People's Community Plan, linked to the Council’s own Community Plan, in consultation with young people

2. Broaden library card to provide a local 'freedom card' that will entitle residents to access Council services like libraries, leisure centres and environmental services as well as discounts from the Council and other local organisations

3. Investigate extension of Community Centre facilities to meet the needs of new and emerging communities

4. Support more use of ‘Community rights’ including a safeguarding ‘community right to acquire’ designation for St Helier Hospital if it is ever proposed to dispose of the site and also protecting much loved local pubs, which can instead be developed more as local community hubs

5. Encourage some neighbourhood watch groups to double up as residents’ associations to improve local coverage

6. Develop "Street Watch" co-ordinators across the borough (as Croydon already have) to act as the Environmental and Street Scene equivalent of Neighbourhood Watch. 400 such reps could cover the entire borough each covering 200 homes.

7. Agree long-term funding for Sutton Women's Centre and a Sutton Trade Union Resource Centre

8. Build a much more comprehensive local advice service to support well-being, tackle debt and promote community resilience;
Increase funding for the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) to restore services at St Helier.

9. Support community groups that encourage tolerance and respect for all communities in the borough and promote community cohesion

10. Promote public engagement in decision-making: for example through service co-production similar to health “expert patient schemes”

11. Make it easier and quicker to find the relevant part of the Council website

12. Campaign locally to seek the repeal of the Lobbying Bill which impacts on the ability of civil society groups to campaign

13. Review Town-Twinning to make it more relevant to a more connected planet where engagement and sharing best practice with poorer communities can be more easily done online

14. Develop well-being indicators for the borough, with a full online dashboard for any resident to see, covering measures of wellness, civil-society engagement, inequality, cost of living, employment and wage rates

15. Retain the existing six Local Area Committee structure and bring back community representatives on the main Council Committees

16. Ensure Area Committees have wider powers with a devolved local "Ward Initiatives" budget with some resources allocated to Councillors to suggest local improvements. We will also allow Area Committee’s to contribute to the planning process.


Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook