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Labour’s Local Election Campaign 2014

A Well Planned Town with good Public Transport

We need good infrastructure such as good shops and good transport links to ensure the borough thrives

Labour will:
1. Support the continued viability of Sutton High Street and the district shopping centres. We will undertake a full environmental impact analysis before planning consent is given to any significant development or change of use.

2. Oppose out of town shopping centres. Sutton needs investment in its local retailing infrastructure enabling people to shop locally without over reliance on the car

3. Review our planning and licensing guidelines to stop the spread of fast-food outlets. We will also seek to limit the spread of payday lenders and betting shops. We recognise local pubs have the scope to be community hubs and will not allowing planning policy to allow their continued local decline

4. Maintain and seek to improve existing and proposed conservation areas and Areas of Special Local Character. Special Policy Areas should be converted into Areas of Special Local Character.

5. Review the Community Involvement Policy, including more Neighbourhood Planning across the borough after the pilot in Hackbridge. Operate a 'good neighbour' policy and inform local residents about proposed changes for Council owned land close to where they live with time for discussion before final decisions are taken.

6. Continue to support the Freedom Pass for the elderly and disabled

7. Lobby the GLA to establish a proper black cab rank at Wallington Station as well as extend a Night bus from Morden, past St Helier Hospital to Wallington Station, thus making it a more effective transport hub. We also support reviewing the X26 Wallington stop to move it nearer to Beddington Park to more evenly space X26 stops

8. Support extension of Tramlink to Rosehill and St Helier Hospital via Willow Lane and on to Sutton Town Centre as part of a wider planned extension of the network. But Tramlink must not be provided at the expense of the First Capital Connect service between Sutton, Wimbledon & Luton. We will campaign for a weekend metro service on that line

9. Allow no further road building except that required for access to new developments.

10. Review existing traffic calming schemes such as Road Humps to see they are still effective as well as the STEPs system. We will establish a review mechanism whereby unnecessary ones are removed.

11. Encourage the introduction of Home Zones where traffic speed is restricted to 20mph if that is acceptable to the majority of residents. We will not force residents to have traffic calming measures introduced just to get money back from TfL. Instead we will try and restrict demands provided we get the money for Tramlink extensions.

12. Seek to improve local cycling infrastructure in conjunction with local cycling groups including more ‘quiet and safe routes’ to encourage increased usage

13. Review street scene to reduce Sutton High Street clutter to assist the disabled after the appalling redesign of it under the Liberal Democrats


Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook