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Labour’s Local Election Campaign 2014

A Greener, Cleaner, Sustainable Borough

The Council’s green reputation is being damaged. We will turn that around over the next 4 years by very clear actions.

Labour will:
1. Make clear that a truly green council would never support the building of an incinerator that will be a potential health risk, particularly one so close to residential areas. We will review Sutton’s commitment to build an Incinerator with the aim of extracting the borough from any legal contracts as soon as possible. We would instead seek to create more ‘green jobs in the borough.

2. Do something about Sutton’s appalling recycling rate and set a target of 50% recycling after consultation with residents. Labour will establish a Sustainability Task Force to deal with the complexities surrounding the Incinerator, air pollution levels, dramatic falls in recycling and waste management contractual matters as well as considering sustainable approaches to new challenges such as fracking and the threat of increased flooding in some areas.

3. Move to an increase in street cleaning frequency in key areas. We will expand area teams to cover most environmental services in the coming years. We will also make current contracted street cleaning staff permanent thus creating proper jobs not pre-election gimmicks

4. Review the waste management service to ensure we maximise economies of scale whilst retaining all current services.

5. Abolish the charge for Bulky Household waste service for the disabled, elderly and unwaged as part of a move to making it fully free of charge and ensure collection is within three working days.

6. Recognise the concerns raised by residents about littered, overgrown and untidy gardens and so will launch an ‘Eyesore Garden Project’ involving local people in days of action, resulting in enforcement notices wherever necessary.

7. Develop Environmental Health Regulatory and Enforcement Services to provide:

a) Health and Safety law such as helping to protect retail staff from violence.
b) Monitoring and enforcing fire safety measures in properties with commercial cooking facilities.
c) A Pest Control service which should be provided free to residents.

8. Work with energy companies and government agencies to assist householders retro-fit their homes far more quickly to reduce their carbon footprint

9. Work with retailers to move to becoming a “no plastic bag” borough

10. Compile regular Environmental Sustainability Indicators on air pollution, tap water quality, soil pollutants, noise levels, background radiation, and pesticide residues across the whole Borough and publish regular reports. These could later be tied in to overall well-being indicators for the Borough.

11. Review the Council’s Animal Rights Charter. The Council should seek to monitor the living conditions of animals in boarding accommodation, for sale, and for use in experimentation or farming within the Borough.


Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook