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UPDATE - Emily Brothers Continues to Press for Action against Convicted Councillor -


Monday 24 March 2014


Ten days have passed since Emily Brothers, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, wrote to Councillor Stephen Fenwick asking him to explain the circumstances surrounding his conviction for racially aggravated assault and asking him to resign. However, Ms Brothers has not had a response. She said:

“Councillor Fenwick is showing contempt to the electorate of Worcester Park for not explaining his actions.

“The Lib Dem run Council have buried their heads in the sand, failing to refer the matter to the Standards Committee as I had requested.

“They are also protecting Councillor Fenwick from direct questions at Council meetings - failing to hold him to public account.

“The Council is at risk of acquiring a reputation as apologists for racial discrimination.

“In the absence of any explanation or action, I’m quite clear that Councillor Fenwick should resign immediately.”

In pressing her case, Ms Brothers has tabled two questions for the Full Council Meeting to be held on Monday 31 March 2014, but her direct question to Councillor Fenwick has been denied on the grounds that the public may only ask questions of a Committee Chair.


Notes to Editors

  1. To the Leader - What steps has the Liberal Democrat run Council taken in deciding not to investigate or act on the conviction of Councillor Stephen Fenwick for racially aggravated assault, rendering the Code of Conduct and Equal Opportunities Policy little more than paper tigers?
  2. To Councillor Fenwick – Please explain the circumstances surrounding your conviction for racially aggravated assault, why you have failed to respond to questions on this matter and why you consider it right to remain in public office? This question has been denied.


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