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Tribute to Tony Benn (3 April 1925 – 14 March 2014)

Tony Benn held respect across the political divide for his independent thinking, thought provoking ideas and uncompromising honesty.
Irrespective of whether people agreed with him, Tony inspired many of us in Sutton and Cheam over many years. The paradox about Tony is that the more unpopular his ideas, the more popular he became because he truly engaged with people.
Tony connected with people like no other politician, providing solidarity and compassion. We can all learn from his example.
If there is indeed an after-life, Tony will be writing his first spiritual diary entry today. He left us a rich selection of political literature, but more importantly our memories of a true comrade.

To his family, friends and many admirers, our sincere fraternal condolences.

Emily Brothers, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, on behalf of Sutton and Cheam Labour Party



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