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Labour Not surprised by Ongoing Saga over Disgraced Councillor and Ineffective Lib Dem Council -


Tuesday 15 April 2014

Emily Brothers, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam & Council Candidate for Sutton Central, said today that:
“I’m not surprised about the ongoing saga over Councillor Fenwick, now having lost a Council laptop containing sensitive personal information, following on from his recent conviction for racially aggravated assault.
“It is the act of a troubled individual, supported by a troubled Lib Dem administration.
“I’m not surprised that the Lib Dem run Council appear to be complacent about the latest episode, relying on the encryption being robust enough.
“If Councillor Fenwick hadn’t been a Lib Dem, I’m sure their attitude would have been different. Instead, we see Lib Dem leaders closing ranks, relying on process for their defence. It is hardly surprising that politicians are losing respect, due to such an ineffective response.
“I understand that Councillor Fenwick remains a Liberal Democrat Member, despite having resigned the Whip. The silence of local Lib Dem leaders suggests the party has failed to deal with these matters internally.”

The Sutton Guardian reported today that Councillor Fenwick had been stripped of the Lib Dem Whip. This is not the case, as he resigned it. However, Councillor Fenwick is understood to remain a member of the Liberal Democrat Party.

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