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Labour Launches Plan to Tackle Childcare Cost of Living Crisis for Working Families

Friday 9 May 2014

Emily Brothers, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, pledges to tackle the Coalition’s Childcare Crisis. She is supporting plans for primary childcare guarantee and extension of free nursery hours for 3 and 4 year olds for working families.
Hardworking families in Sutton and Cheam are set to benefit from new measures by Labour to ease the cost of living crisis. Childcare is one of the most expensive costs for working parents with families in Sutton and Cheam.
Labour’s plans, welcomed by Emily Brothers, would introduce a guaranteed wrap around childcare place before and after lessons for primary school children. Ten extra hours free childcare provision for working parents of three and four year old will also be introduced, paid for by an increase in the Bank levy.
Extending free nursery hours for three and four year olds from 15 to 25 hours for working families means that parents can work part time for the first time without having to worry about the cost of childcare. The fifteen free hours available to all three and four year olds remains in place as well as the 15 hour offer for the 20% most disadvantaged of two year olds.
Ms Brothers said:
“Families in Sutton are facing a cost of living crisis of Paul Burstow’s making. Whilst millionaires are getting tax breaks people here are suffering. Childcare is a key cause of the cost of living crisis for working parents and I’m pleased Labour have pledged to introduce these bold policies to make a difference to hard pressed mums and dads. A Primary guarantee will make arranging quality before and after school care easier. Extending the free childcare offer from 15 to 25 hours will be worth over £1,500 for parents of three and four year olds to help them pay their childcare bills.”

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