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Labour Candidate Scaving about Local Backing for Budget

Thursday 20 March 2014

Emily Brothers, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam was scaving last night about her opponents backing for the Coalition Budget. She said:
“The Paul Burstow-Scully supported Coalition may change the shape of the pound coin, but they’ve done nothing to protect the value of it in the pockets of hard working local people.
“The reality for residents of Sutton and Cheam is that standards of living are not rising steadily and sustainably, but falling sharply and steeply – down 44 out of 45 months under the Coalition.
“The two Paul’s are backing a failing Government which sees 350,000 people going to food banks, 400,000 disabled people paying the Bedroom Tax, 1 million more people paying 40p tax, 4.6 million families facing cuts to tax credits.
“The latest labour market statistics published yesterday show that 1,017 people are long term unemployed in Sutton and Cheam, with little hope under a Government that has seen manufacturing output down by 1.3%, construction output down by 4.2% and infrastructure investment down 11% - that’s why we need change.”

Read more about how the Budget prompted argument amongst local politicians here:




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