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Photo – Emily Outside Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group 

Photo – Emily Outside Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group


The interim results of a ballot on the future of St Helier Hospital were announced today by Emily Brothers, Labour’s Prospective Member of Parliament for Sutton and Cheam. Since Launching the ballot just over two weeks ago outside GP Surgeries on Benhill Avenue and Grove Road in Sutton – where leading local commissioners, Chris Elliott and Brendan Hudson practice – Ms Brothers has taken her Red Box around the constituency to canvass public opinion.
Speaking ahead of today’s Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Board meeting, Emily Brothers said:
“Local people have registered overwhelming support for retaining St Helier Hospital on the current site by 721 to 14 votes.
“My ballot was launched before Andy Burnham, Labour’s Health Spokesperson, committed to re-build St Helier Hospital on the current site, with a veto on plans for South Sutton. The results of this ballot demonstrate how Labour is in tune with the views of local people and how they back our position on acute hospital services.
“The three main parties in Sutton support the Five-Year Strategy recently published by Epsom and St Helier Hospital NHS Trust, but that is as far as it goes – with only Labour committing to secure its future beyond 2020 with long term investment.
“I’m disappointed that Sutton’s Clinical Commissioning Group continues to procrastinate, failing to give clear support to the re-development of St Helier Hospital on the current site.
“Stagnation is resulting in local people feeling frustrated and conflict between political parties isn’t helping matters. The truth is that Labour provides the only credible alternative - the leadership to drive a culture of collaboration in our NHS, opposed to the Tory and Lib Dem mission to break it up.
“I remain concerned about The Sutton Guardian’s revelations that a super hospital in South Sutton could lead to Epsom and St Helier Hospitals being closed, which emerged recently from ‘TrainGate’ when consultants were overheard discussing their plans. The former Sutton Hospital brownfield site has rightly been earmarked for a new secondary school, affordable housing and developing a life sciences cluster. We should stick with that plan.
“I want to see long term development on both Epsom and St Helier sites, as they meet the needs of people in Sutton and surrounding areas. I’m open-minded to how that is accomplished, but certain that the voice of local people need to be at the heart of any decision. That’s why I’ve launched a ballot, so local people can have their say in the absence of any proper consultation.
“This interim ballot underlines that any proposals to close, move or downgrade St Helier Hospital should be subject to a public referendum. That’s why I asked the Lib Dem Leader of Sutton Council recently to provide an opportunity for local people to express their opinion, with the view of locking any long term plans for St Helier Hospital into the current site on which the London Borough of Sutton own the freehold. My proposal received the usual brusk rejection, this time because Lib Dem Members just can’t get beyond their petition which has never been presented anywhere.”


Photo – Emily In Worcester Park High Street with NHS Ballot Box
Photo – Emily In Worcester Park High Street with NHS Ballot Box

The pilot question Ms Brothers has posed reads:
‘The current St Helier Hospital site should continue to be the place for the delivery and development of Accident and Emergency, Maternity, Paediatric and other acute hospital provision within the London Borough of Sutton?’
At 10 am on 06/05/15 the paper based ballot received 701 to 14 votes, with a further 20 online in support – totalling 721 to 14 votes.
As Emily Brothers goes around the constituency she will continue to ask local people to take part in the ballot. It is also possible to vote online by visiting:
In response to Andy Burnham’s recent announcement on St Helier Hospital, Ms Brothers said:
“This commitment means if you want to save St Helier Hospital on its current site, the best way to achieve it is by voting Labour. No other party has made this commitment to St Helier Hospital’s long term future. That includes development on the current site post 2020.
“We need a different kind of politics – largely to build a consensus and engagement from members of the public. That’s why the flip flop Tory and Lib Dem approach has resulted in decades of speculation. Labour will provide security over the next five years and beyond that we’ll give St Helier Hospital investment with a 2020 vision to re-build a fit for purpose community based hospital.”


Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook