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Photo – Emily in Rosehill Park
Photo – Emily in Rosehill Park

Local Labour politician, Emily Brothers, has spoken out about proposals for new secondary schools in Sutton. Ms Brothers is a strong advocate for a new secondary school on brownfield land in South Sutton and a leading opponent to building on Rosehill Park. Responding to the Westminster debate organised by local Conservative MP, Paul Scully, earlier this week, she said:
“The use of land across London will be an important issue during the elections for a new Mayor and Assembly. New homes and schools will be critical to our long term sustainability, but development needs to safeguard against unnecessary loss of green open metropolitan land.
“At last, Lib Dem Sutton Council have agreed with my view that the brownfield site in South Sutton should be developed. I understand they have an option on some additional land, so they need to get on with purchasing it. I’m not clear why they didn’t buy sufficient land in the first place, nor why they are dithering now.
“I think the remaining land from the old Sutton Hospital site needs to be used for much needed social housing and developing the life science cluster. It is time to invest in Sutton responsibly.
“I’m curious to know why the Chief Executive of St Helier Hospital apparently wants to hold on to much of the South Sutton site. Perhaps a super hospital is still for active consideration, resulting in the closure of the Epsom and St Helier sites. It is time Mr Elkles came clean about their intentions.
“I’m really encouraged by Sutton Common Rovers stepping forward with a proposal to secure a fifty year lease to run the football pitch on Rosehill Park. I’m sure they can’t manage this land as badly as the Lib Dem Council, which has presided over the site as it has become over grown and derelict.
“I’m sure protecting this green space for recreational activity, such as football, is the right thing to do. I’m committed to ensuring Londoners benefit from green spaces, particularly by bringing them into use for sporting and recreational purposes.
“I should also remind Mr Scully that it was the Tories and Lib Dem Council who backed an incinerator on metropolitan land, not Labour who actively opposed their environmentally damaging plans.
“I share Mr Scully’s concern that Lib Dem Councillors are drifting into inaction over a new secondary school, risking a serious shortfall in places by 2018. Yet Mr Scully fails to recognise that much of the pressure on places in Sutton arises from the grammar schools predominantly serving the needs of young people from Surrey and Kent. It is Mr Scully who backs selective education, instead of standing up for local families.”

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