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Debt is a serious problem for too many local hardworking families claims Emily Brothers, Labour’s Prospective Member of Parliament for Sutton and Cheam. In response to figures issued by the National Debt Advice Line, Ms Brothers said:
“Tory and Lib Dem denial over the continuing cost of living crisis doesn’t work for people in Sutton who are struggling to pay their bills. The National Debtline has received more than 300 calls for help from Sutton and Cheam over the last two years.
“As only 17% of people with debt problems in the UK seek advice, that suggests at least another 1,500 people in Sutton are suffering in silence. As well as seeking much needed help, they can vote for a Labour’s better plan that better supports hardworking people.
“Discredited Tory and Lib Dem policies have meant that 3,700 working families in Sutton & Cheam have seen their tax credits cut in real terms and there are 2,605 households in fuel poverty in Sutton And Cheam. That’s why I believe Sutton deserves better.
“The Tory and Lib Dem plan is failing working families in Sutton and Cheam because they choose to prioritise helping a few at the top. Labour’s plan is based on a simple truth: Britain succeeds when working families succeed.
“That’s why Labour’s plan offers a better future for Sutton and Cheam: for living standards, for the next generation and for the NHS. Labour has a better plan for a better future.
“The Brothers in Arms, Paul Burstow and Paul Scully claim the economy is fixed, but the recovery hasn’t reached most kitchen tables. Wages have fallen and energy bills have gone up, so most families are treading water. Labour has a better plan – we know that when working people succeed, Britain succeeds too.”

You can find out more about Advice by visiting: www.nationaldebtline.org


Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook