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Photo – Emily Speaking at 2015 Labour Party Conference in Brighton 

Photo – Emily Speaking at 2015 Labour Party Conference in Brighton

Labour’s first transgender Parliamentary Candidate, Emily Brothers, received a standing ovation from her Party Conference yesterday. Speaking in Brighton at this week’s Labour Party conference, Emily Brothers expressed her thanks for the positive support she had received since ‘coming out’ to PinkNews in December 2014. In speaking of Labour Members, she said:
“I experienced the core principles of solidarity and equality in practice, as I dealt with the reaction to my decision to ‘come out’, and as a consequence becoming Labour’s first Parliamentary Candidate with a transsexual background.”
Explaining her personal decision to ‘come out’ Ms Brothers told senior Labour figures, thousands of delegates and a television audience that:
“It should be simple, as all I’m doing is being me – being authentic. Yet so many of us fear being judged unkindly and how this might impact on our families.
“In an ideal world I would never have ‘come out’. However, trust is broken in politics. So I felt it was important to be honest about my identity to set a positive tone, instead of risking negative exposure from a tabloid.
“Now with the fear set aside, I see it brings added value to what I have to say about equality and I hope this brings encouragement to people who may be struggling with their gender identity.”

Photo – Emily Speaking at 2015 Labour Party Conference in Brighton
Photo – Emily Speaking at 2015 Labour Party Conference in Brighton

Ms Brothers praised the positive and responsible way in which the media reported her decision to ‘come out’ and subsequent coverage. However, Ms Brothers criticised The Sun’s previous coverage and that the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) failed to deal with victimisation. Emily Brothers said:
“Whilst the industry body, IPSO, agreed that The Sun had been pejorative and prejudicial, it failed to address the victimisation that followed. That’s why we need effective press regulation, not IPSO – the fake regulator – as it is now time to stop the ridicule and mockery of people who are different.”
Turning to the policy agenda, Emily Brothers told the packed conference that:
“Dealing with deep rooted gender identity issues is tough. So it was for me a powerful affirmation to have my transition recognised in law through the Gender Recognition Act, which was made possible by a Labour Government.
“Yet we need to build on this legislation with a comprehensive review of policy and law to strengthen people’s privacy, remove the spousal veto, address the needs and aspirations of people who do not fit into the conventional gender binary, respond to the growing demand for NHS support and tackle hate crime.
“I say to the transgender community, Labour is on your side.
“It is now time for us to step from the darkness to claim our liberation, to be our true selves, to be happy.”

Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook