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Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam in this week’s General Election, Emily Brothers, pledges to hold the new Tory Government to account. Ms Brothers, who increased Labour’s vote by 2,170 votes (an improvement of 4.15%), said:
“It has been an amazing experience to act as Labour’s local Parliamentary Candidate. I thank residents for their support and interest.
“Labour can be proud of our success here in Sutton and Cheam, as I secured 5,546 votes, 2,170 more than 2010– demonstrating that support for Labour is considerably stronger than has been the case for many years. It provides us with a platform to build on, as Labour goes from strength to strength locally.
“Despite a disappointing night nationally, Labour in London gained four seats from the Tories and three seats from the Liberal Democrats. With an extra six women joining the London Labour Parliamentary Party, we have made history in the capital with gender parity. This puts Labour into a strong position as we go into campaigns for the London Mayor and Assembly elections.
“Nationally, we will need to appraise the outcome of our campaign and re-group under new leadership. That will involve holding the Tory Government to account, including new local MP Paul Scully, not least in protecting St Helier Hospital.
“The prospect of a Tory majority Government is seriously worrying for hardworking families. Edging closer to exiting Europe, £12 Billion in welfare cuts and substantial reductions in public services is going to make things very tough. It is our task to defend the interests of both vulnerable and working people and I hope to play a part in that endeavour.”
Ms Brothers will take soundings from family, friends and supporters before making decisions on her future political activity.
With a turnout of 49,967 72.2% in Sutton and Cheam, the result was:
• Paul Scully (Conservative) 20,732 41.45% - Up 189 / Down 0.75%;
• Paul Burstow (Lib Dem) 16,811 33.61% - Down 5,345 11.89%;
• Emily Brothers (Labour) 5,546 11.09 – Up 2,170 4.15%;
• Angus Dalgleish (UKIP) 5,341 10.68% - Up 4,391 8.72%;
• Maeve Tomlinson (Green) 1,051 2.10% - Up 850 1.59%;
• Dave Ash (NHA) 345 0.69% (lowest NHA result in the country);
• Pauline Gorman (TUSC) 79 0.16%.


Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook