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Today’s Spectator Column by Rod Liddle seeks to conflate this year’s ‘Bake Off” Muslim winner, Nadiya Hussaine, with uncontrolled immigration. The piece also poured scorn on the BBC for ‘dancing a multi cultural jig for joy’.
The English Defence League has given its support to Mr Liddle’s comments.
Mr Liddle, who had a complaint against his column in The Sun upheld by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) earlier this year for a pejorative and prejudicial comment about Emily Brothers, Labour’s first transgender Parliamentary Candidate, because of her disability and gender identity. Today’s column went a step further by mocking the idea of a blind amputee and referring to a ‘transgendered guide dog’.
Commenting on Rod Liddle’s Column in The Spectator, Ms Brothers said:
“Modern Britain is certainly diverse. We are the better for it – the decency of the many, not the bigotry of the few. Quite rightly, the BBC seeks to represent that.
“I’ve not come across the ridiculous notion of a ‘transgendered guide dog’ before Mr Liddle’s preposterous piece; not even the colloquial ‘blind dog’ to which some mistakenly refer. I suspect this ‘transgendered guide dog’ hasn’t simply been neutered, but has gone through a transition because how it feels. I can only hope the ‘dogmatic’ columnist might just understand this, having a better rapport with dogs than people.
“I’ve been thinking about getting another guide dog. That involves matching the owner with traits of the dog. I hadn’t thought of asking for a ‘transgendered guide dog’ no more than a ‘blind dog’ or one that had triple heart bypass surgery, as I had earlier this year. I’m not sure it would get me very far, not even to the right.
“Matching Mr Liddle for a guide dog would be a challenge. In fact, it would probably come within the definition of the Dangerous Dogs Act – ‘out of control’. That’s why we need effective press regulation, so we see good behaviour rather than nastiness.
“In dealing with the deed, if not the breed, newspapers need to stop promoting intolerance. Surely freedom of speech is better than that?”

1. Rod Liddle wrote in The Spectator on Thursday, 15 October 2015:
"And then there was the winner — plucked from a group of typically ‘diverse’ human beings which the BBC presumably thinks is representative of modern Britain. Or perhaps wishes was. A gay here, a foreigner there, a BME Brit and of course Nadiya. As the TV columnist Ally Ross put it, the BBC must have been dancing a multicultural jig of joy. All that was missing was a blind amputee, beating up his batter with a specially adapted hand whisk, transgendered guide dog wagging its tail close by.”

2. The IPSO decision against Rod Liddle and The Sun for pejorative prejudicial treatment of Emily Brothers is here:

3. The Huffington Post has reported support for Mr Liddle from the English Defence League here:

4. Emily Brothers was Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam at the 2015 General Election, securing 5,546 votes, 2,170 higher than her party received in 2010.

Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook