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At tonight’s Full Council meeting to be held in Sutton Library’s Europa Gallery, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers will confront Lib Dem Leaders over £72M in cuts. Ms Brothers will ask:
“Instead of consulting local residents through subterfuge on Sutton Future, will the Lib Dem administration change their approach by becoming transparent in setting out the services they are intending to axe or seriously cut back?”
Lib Dem Leader of Sutton Council, Councillor Ruth Dombey is expected to defend the Coalition’s decision to reduce local authority grants. In a strong local alliance with local Tories, Councillor Dombey is set to make serious decisions that will impact on families across the borough.
Emily Brothers criticised Sutton Council:
“I’m angered by the Lib Dem Council pursuing a severe austerity programme, yet at the same time they are embarking on an expensive publicity campaign to promote the Sutton Future programme, as well as showing bad judgement by spending £583 on coasters.
“No amount of buses and trucks driving around the borough publicising the Lib Dem’s direction of travel to more austerity will put this right for local people.
“I’ve been appalled by the £32 million cuts since 2010 which have been implemented by the Lib Dem administration in Sutton. They’ve denied the extent of the cuts, yet as soon as the Local Election is over Lib Dem leaders chart their path to even more drastic cuts to people’s services.
“I don’t recall Ruth Dombey seeking a mandate on the pledge to cut local services by £40 million by 2019. The Lib Dem administration is operating with Stealth and duplicity, but the impact is no less damaging on Sutton and Cheam residents, businesses and community groups.
“I’m sure that the ongoing Lib Dem cuts will hit the most vulnerable in our community the hardest. They are in a race to the bottom, but in 290 days a new Labour Government will begin the task of renewal. As Labour’s candidate in Sutton and Cheam, I seek a mandate to help lasting economic growth for all our residents, not just the privileged few. I want to see a comprehensive range of services that meet the needs of local people, recognising that more children and older people will need support over the coming years.
“The Tories are silent, providing no opposition at all. They continue to massage Lib Dem actions locally, reciprocated by the propping up of a failed Tory-led Coalition Government. That’s why Labour provides the only alternative to the ‘Austerity Alliance’.
“Lib Dem subterfuge is only too apparent in their so called consultation. Essentially, they have produced satisfaction surveys, designed to capture information about individuals completing them, not what local people think of the proposed cuts. In all the bluff and devious spin, there are no actual proposals on what the Lib Dem Council want to cut. Councillor Dombey needs to be straight with local people and say what she thinks should be axed or cut back, not all this political dodging and weaving.”


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