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Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers marked International Women’s Day by highlighting current factors that demonstrate gender inequality in Britain.
Revealing her transsexual history to Pink News in December 2014, Emily brothers became the first openly transgender parliamentary candidate for a major UK party. In talking about the importance of the rights of women with a transsexual history on International Women’s Day, Ms Brothers said:
“A Labour Government will commission a comprehensive review of trans law and policy. We need to build on the Gender Recognition Act brought in by Labour 10 years ago, to strengthen and harmonise the rights of people with a transgender background.
“As part of this review we will look at the very specific provisions for trans spouses who wish to go for gender recognition and whether they are fair. The Same Sex Marriage Act included a provision to enable married couples – where one spouse was transgender – to remain married when that spouse receives legal gender recognition. This was very welcome.
“Yet I’m concerned that the procedure still effectively grants a spouse a veto over their partner's application for gender recognition. Scotland removed this so-called 'spousal veto' during the passage of their marriage equality act, so it’s right that as part of the policy review we’ll look again at this procedure for England and Wales.”
Emily Brothers went on to criticise the coalition government for measures that disproportionately impact on women. She said:
“At a time when women and their families have never had it so tough, this Government has hit women and their families hardest. Independent House of Commons research has found £22 billion out of the £26 billion (85%) of cash raised over this Parliament from tax and benefit changes has come from women’s pockets.
“Some 44 years after the Equal Pay Act was passed women still earn just 81p for every pound a man earns. Even David Cameron thinks it’s acceptable to pay one of his own Cabinet Ministers less than her male predecessor.
“Progress on closing the gender pay gap has slowed under this Government yet they have refused to implement Labour plans to require large companies to publish their pay gap.
“Since this Government introduced of Tribunal fees, the number of claims for sex discrimination has fallen by 91 per cent.
Despite a rise in recorded rapes and reported incidents of domestic violence Police referrals for rape have fallen by 28 per cent since 2010 and prosecutions are down 14 per cent on the same period.
“Childcare costs have soared under this Government with the price of a nursery place up 30 per cent since 2010. There are 720 fewer Sure Start centres than in 2010 – and many more are running reduced services because the Government has removed the obligation to provide access to childcare.
“David Cameron and Nick Clegg have shut women’s voices out of Government and are out of touch with the reality of women’s lives and struggles. Women make up just 24 per cent of Ministers in both the Cabinet and Junior Minister roles, meaning the Government has failed to meet the target it set top businesses for women’s representation.”
Speaking about plans for the next Labour Government, Emily Brothers said:
“We will extend free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds of working parents to 25 hours to support more parents back to work – and that’s on top of Tax-Free Childcare. Labour will also guarantee access to wraparound childcare like Breakfast and Afterschool clubs from 8am-6pm through your Primary School to help parents juggle work and family life.
“It is unacceptable that 60,000 women are pushed out of work every year because of maternity discrimination. That’s why we’ll strengthen the law to protect women from redundancy during maternity leave and encourage positive support from employers on their return. Consequently, Labour will reform the tribunal system to ensure cost is never a barrier to justice for those who’ve experienced discrimination at work.
“Labour will make tackling violence against women a priority. We will introduce compulsory sex and relationship education and establish a Commissioner to set minimum standards for the police and in tackling domestic and sexual violence.”



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