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Speaking after last night’s Sutton Council debate on Local Government cuts, Labour’s Emily Brothers said:
“I’m really angry by the blame game that bounced around the Council Chamber. It was like the separation of a bitter couple who still have much in common, but have cheated too many times. They were duplicitous, they remain duplicitous.
“I was startled by the gall of the Lib Dem administration which failed to accept they signed up for austerity as a coalition partner in the last Government. They were in it together and now in denial – that’s nauseating. Yet Sutton Tories didn’t much care, not even about the consequences for Sutton residents from cuts to Local services.
“With a dozen Lib Dem Councillors absent from the meeting, I can only wonder whether they are embarrassed by their party’s complicity or they just aren’t interested. The shameful attendance certainly shows that local Lib Dems are struggling to hold things together.
“After 30 years of running Sutton Council, the Lib Dems are tired and desperate, out of ideas and lacking ambition. It is time for change, to give Labour an opportunity to make a difference locally.
“Let’s be in no doubt, local Tories are strictly loyal to their Government’s savage cuts across the public sector. They actively want to close services and reduce support to the most vulnerable in our community. I concur that the Life Centre doesn’t give value for money, but they want to cut much deeper and widely, so be warned.
“The Tories aren’t providing effective opposition to the floundering Lib Dems, as they simply offer more of the same. Only Labour has an alternative approach to invest in growth and strengthen public services.
“I’m very worried about the impact on local people of an incompetent Lib Dem Council until 2018 and substantial cuts from a Tory Government this side of 2020. They both fail to recognise the need to prioritise fairly. That’s why I proposed an independent Fairness Commission for Sutton last year, but both Lib Dem and Tories alike rejected the idea. Perhaps some of the findings from Croydon’s Fairness Commission, established by their new Labour Council, may provide some learning.
“Housing is the biggest challenge for London. So many people share their concerns with me about how their children can’t afford private rented accommodation locally or get enough money together for a deposit to buy a modest home. That’s why Labour will better control rents and establish a London-wide not-for-profit letting agency to promote longer term, stable tenancies for responsible tenants and landlords. As Labour Mayor, Sadiq Khan, will use planning powers and investment to deliver 50% affordable housing in new developments.”

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