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Photo – Emily Campaigning Outside Sutton Station with ST Helier Ballot 

Photo – Emily Campaigning Outside Sutton Station with ST Helier Ballot


Labour’s Prospective Member of Parliament for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers has launched a ballot of local people on the future of ST Helier Hospital in light of media revelations last week that it may close and a super hospital built elsewhere. Earlier this week Ms Brothers asked Lib Dem Leader of Sutton Council to hold a Local Referendum, but Councillor Dombey refused to consult residents on proposals that may emerge from current secret discussions.
Now in an important new development, Labour’s national Health Spokesman, Andy Burnham has intervened with a clear commitment to rebuild St Helier Hospital on its current site. Mr Burnham said:
“I am really concerned to find out that there is yet another consultation being conducted on the future of St Helier Hospital. There have already been endless consultations costing the NHS millions of pounds, money which would have been better spent on patient care. All of these consultations have reached exactly the same answer – that St Helier should stay open on it’s current site.
“In the interests of patients, staff and the local community St Helier Hospital now needs security. If I am Secretary of State for Health after the election I will veto such plans and require the funds, already allocated for the upgrading of the hospital, to be spent”.
Emily Brothers said:
“This commitment couldn’t be clearer. It means that if you want to save St Helier Hospital on its current site, the best way to achieve it is by voting Labour. No other party has made this commitment to St Helier Hospital’s long term future. That includes development on the current site post 2020.
“I want the Sutton Hospital site developed for a new secondary school, housing and creation of a life sciences cluster. Super hospitals are a bad idea, as we need community based hospitals like Epsom and St Helier.
“With a Labour Government the imperative for a Referendum may not prove so necessary. However, proposals under Tory and Lib Dem administration are likely to be very controversial. That’s why I want a Referendum lock, to protect our local hospital from closure.”


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