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MONDAY 18 MAY 2015


Emily Brothers has today been admitted to St George’s Hospital in South West London for triple heart bypass surgery.
Labour’s groundbreaking Parliamentary Candidate in Sutton and Cheam in the recent General Election was diagnosed with severe Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) shortly after ‘coming out’ as transgender in December 2015.
Ms Brothers was the first blind woman to stand for Westminster, in addition to being the first candidate with a transsexual history to stand in a parliamentary election for Labour.
Increasing support by 4.3%, with over 2,000 more votes than Labour got in 2010, Ms Brothers secured 5,546 votes in Sutton and Cheam. Since the outcome of the election she has pledged to hold the new Tory Government to account and seek new opportunities to advance equality.
Fighting the General Election campaign was tough says Emily Brothers:
“I had been finding things increasingly difficult, but put that down to hardwork and a loss of fitness. It was a routine health check that picked up a potential problem, leading to further investigations. That’s why it is so important for people to monitor their health and get checked out from time to time.
“I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, so don’t fit the typical profile of somebody with a serious heart condition. That’s why you need to listen to your body and get help when it is needed.
“It was a stressful time when ‘coming out’, but that was quickly followed by overwhelming support from the public for which I’m so grateful. Little did they know that I was also grappling with serious health problems.
“I did contemplate withdrawing from the election campaign – perhaps for a moment. My focus and drive isn’t very susceptible to diversion, so I pushed on with my sense of ambition and stuck at the task of representing the interests of hardworking and aspiring people.
“Just weeks after ‘coming out’ I found out about the seriousness of my condition. I felt a great sense of responsibility not to fail at the first hurdle. Whatever happens from here, I hope my political journey will prove a footprint for those who may follow.
“I’m probably not a very good example for taking things easy. That’s what I keep getting told to do. I’m going to need to take that advice, at least for a little while. That’s important for any patient who is recovering from significant surgery.
“There is a job to do though in holding the Tory Government and Lib Dem Council to account. That’s why Mr Scully, Councillor Dombey and my other political opponents in Sutton need to understand that I’ll be back fitter than ever and ready to fight for a better future. I still have much to do in advancing the causes for which I feel passionate about, both locally and nationally.
“I’ve received excellent care from St Helier Hospital’s cardiology, radiography and A&E teams, followed by support from clinicians at St George’s Hospital. That’s why I’m confident of a successful outcome and why I want to continue supporting our NHS, so everyone receives the same high standard of care as I’ve experienced.
“It is really important to maintain centres of excellence, such as the Cardiology Team at St George’s Hospital. However, I would like to see improvements with diagnostic tools at St Helier Hospital, such as equipment and facilities for angiograms and stents. I intend to continue campaigning for improved NHS provision for local people and to have St Helier Hospital re-built on the existing site.”
Charlie Mansell, Chair of Sutton and Cheam Labour Party, said:
“Emily is a pioneering campaigner and has demonstrated commitment to uphold trust in politics by telling her personal story. Countless numbers of people within Labour and outside our movement have been inspired by Emily’s tenacity and positive approach to life.
“Emily is a high energy campaigner, which can be very tiring for the rest of us. Yet the important task now must be for Emily to get medical support and work through her recovery. We wish her well in that endeavour.”

1. Emily asks the media to respect the privacy of her family at this difficult time.
2. Updates on Emily’s progress will be made periodically here: www.emilybrothers.com / www.twitter.com/ebrotherslabour
3. Media Contact: charlie.mansell@gmail.com / Mob 07769 758 728.


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