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Photo – Emily by Suttons Future Banner


Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers has revealed that Sutton Council will today release plans to cut local facilities ahead of their consultation being concluded. Ms Brothers says:
“The Lib Dem Council is contriving to release proposals in a timely way, just as people take and extended break over the Bank Holiday. This is designed to dilute the impact of their proposals, but I think local people will see through such cynical tactics.
“I’ve asked Ruth Dombey, Council Leader, repeatedly to show her hand, to say what they plan to cut. Yet they have hidden behind extensive propaganda, that they call consultation. Instead, they are drawing up proposals before the consultation period concludes, when you would reasonably expect a strategic approach at the end of the process that is responsive to local people’s needs and aspirations.
“I’m told by a reliable source that Lib Dem Council Leaders will issue proposals today that will see The Secombe Theatre offered as a potential community asset, yet the outcome may well be closure if funds can’t be gathered by local groups. In principle, I’m not against developing community assets, but I am against asset stripping when no viable alternatives appear to have been set in train.
“Apparently, other Community facilities across the borough will be similarly affected, but unsurprisingly the Lib Dem vanity project with the Life Centre will be protected with a significant ongoing subsidy.
“This anticipated announcement demonstrates why you can’t trust Lib Dems to protect Sutton heritage, arts and culture.
“I also believe that car parks, particularly those on Throwley Way and ST Nicholas Way are to be contracted out. This will undoubtedly lead to higher parking charges in a borough that is bedevilled by insufficient parking.
“I’m concerned that this latest announcement will have a serious impact on the morale of Council staff, feeding through to poorer service delivery. Council workers face job losses, with worse terms and conditions for people who are re-engaged. We know only too well the Lib Dem response, to buy more coasters and lanyards.
“Moreover, Lib Dem Sutton Council has failed to agree to set up an independent Fairness Commission, to help address the growing inequalities in Sutton. They even refuse to say how their proposals will be assessed to identify implications for particular disadvantaged groups and how they might mitigate against any adverse impact. I suspect resistance to independent scrutiny will continue.
“They’ve told us that no proposals would come forward until the end of the so called consultation process. Yet, the first wave of proposals are about to emerge. We’ll get a steady trickle of these announcements, not a strategic response to people’s feedback. It is nothing but subterfuge – just more smoke and mirrors.
“The truth is that you can’t trust the Lib Dem Council. They didn’t tell you in the recent election about their intention to cuts services by a further £40 Million. They are fronting a propaganda operation, whilst moving ahead on their quest to irrevocably break up your community facilities, with even more Lib Dem cuts are on the way.”

Notes to Editor
1. Ms Brothers understands that The Neighbourhood and Environment Committee of Sutton Council will be asked on 04/09/14 to endorse proposals to offer The Secombe Centre and Charles Cryer Theatre as potential community assets. However, if funds are not secured by community groups, the facilities will be closed.


Photo – Emily Brothers at Secombe Theatre

2. Ms Brothers has been told that Wallington Hall and Grove Park Hall will close.
3. Ms Brothers is led to believe that Sutton car parks on Throwley Way and ST Nicholas Way are to be contracted out.

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