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Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers has written today to Angus Dalgleish, UKIP Candidate, to ask whether he would support a Conservative government in coalition. Ms Brothers wrote:
“I am writing to ask whether you agree with your leader Nigel Farage that UKIP could support a Conservative minority government after the next election.
“On 12 October 2014, Mr Farage told the Sunday Politics that he would support a Conservative government if they pledged to hold an in-out referendum on membership of the European Union:
‘The price would be a full, free and fair referendum on our continued membership of the European Union…some time in July next year strikes me as a very good time to do this.’
Nigel Farage, Sunday Politics, 12 October 2014
“It is hugely revealing of the character of your party that you are planning to prop up a Conservative government in 2015.
“Working people have suffered under David Cameron. Wages are down £1,600 a year since 2010, there are almost 750,000 young people unemployed and a wasted £3bn re-organisation of the NHS has led to higher waiting times for patients. We now know that, instead of fighting this and standing up for hardworking families, UKIP are planning to help David Cameron finish the job.
“This is perhaps unsurprising. Half of UKIP’s leadership are former Tories, as are a quarter of UKIP candidates. UKIP is also bankrolled by the people who keep David Cameron in business, with 24 former Tory donors giving over £2m to UKIP. On policy, UKIP want to go further than the Tories by privatising the NHS, charging people to see their GP, give another tax cut to millionaires and have even bigger bankers’ bonuses.
“Can I ask whether you agree with Nigel Farage and would support a deal with the Tories after the next election?
“Without a full and clear statement that you would not, people in Sutton and Cheam will only conclude that UKIP is a party of Tory people, Tory policies and Tory money, more Tory than the Tories themselves.
“Given the strong public interest in this matter and your response, I am releasing this letter to the media.”








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