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Following recent local media reports about an investigation into a suspended Lib Dem Councillor, Nick Mattey; Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam at the recent General Election, Emily Brothers, has intervened with criticisms of her own. Writing to Baroness Sal Brinton, the Lib Dem President, Ms Brothers express concern about current reported disciplinary action instigated by the Lib Dem Party against Councillor Nick Mattey, London Borough of Sutton. In response to the investigation being held by Lord Graham Tope locally, Ms Brothers said:
“It is the reported narrow focus of this investigation that is of particular concern to me.
“Whilst I do not wish to intrude on the private grieve of Lib Dems and Councillor Mattey, I feel it only fair to set out some concerns in light of The Croydon Advertiser’s article on 24/7/15 reporting that:
‘The Sutton & Cheam Labour Party candidate also got to know about the visit and also did her best to disrupt the photo shoot.’

“Firstly, I did not seek to disrupt the rally, but simply to peacefully protest about your Party’s record on the NHS whilst in coalition. The so-called rally was on open metropolitan land and I had every right to peacefully protest. It is disappointing that your Party doesn’t defend that civil liberty.
“Unfortunately, as reported by The Sutton Guardian at the time, Lib Dem members sought to intimidate me. As witnessed by the local reporter, Chris Caulfield, your activists waived placards in my face and pushed me. This would be problematic for any protester, but particularly disorientating for a blind person who is hard of hearing. Moreover, I was weeks away from having major heart surgery, so was actually in no physical condition to be unduly disruptive.
“The main protagonist in this incident was Anne Singleton who was verbally aggressive, pushed and held a placard in my face. I have seen no reference to action being taken against her or other Lib Dem members behaving inappropriately.
“As you are investigating Councillor Mattey’s role in respect of this event, I would like to be assured that similar action is being taken against Anne Singleton and other members who acted in a threatening manner.
“In the days following this incident, I gave serious consideration to submitting a complaint to the Lib Dem Party, as well as reporting the matter to the police. I concluded that either course of action would detract from the main issues locally during the election or it would not be a good use of police resources. However, I now write because it is clear that some form of investigation into the event is in hand and that I am a subject in those proceedings. However, it would appear that your investigation is taking a narrow focus than should be the case.
“To be helpful, I wish to make it clear that Mr Clegg’s visit became public knowledge through various social media sources. Over eager Lib Dem members made the visit known very quickly and that Councillor Mattey was not my source.
“I can well understand why your party wanted to be secretive, avoiding engaging with the wider public. Just because you failed to do this, isn’t any excuse for intimidation.”


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