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In a response to Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers’ open letter to her UKIP opponent, Angus Dalgleish has admitted readiness to support a Tory minority government. He said that:
“As our primary aim is to withdraw the UK from the undemocratic monster that has become the EU, we will support any party that will help this come about as soon as possible.”
In backing his dream of a Tory-UKIP Alliance, which he claims to have predicted two years before Nigel Farage’s commitment, Angus Dalgleish goes on to argue that remaining in the EU will put the UK into ‘a long slow decline back to the medieval ages.’

Ms Brothers responded:
“It is absurd to suggest that our economy would benefit from withdrawal from the UK’s largest market. Failing to recognise global influences that caused the latest recession is both blinkered and simplistic. It was Gordon Brown who led the international response to turbulent markets with quantitative easing, not UKIP’s isolationist rhetoric on Europe and immigration.
“Denying that UK national debt has risen because of Coalition austerity measures is ridiculous. UKIP plan to join the Tories in serving up much more of this, along with a retreat from European markets - seriously weakening our economy.
“UKIP’s archaic policy is akin to primitive times when people thought that rowing away from shore would take them over the edge of the World. That’s where UKIP are trying to take our economy – over the edge and away from our pioneering spirit that helped open up the World to fair trade and ambition.
“If UKIP see their relationship with the Tories in purely instrumental terms of achieving EU withdrawal, why is Their MP and MEP defections come from the Tories? Their donors are mainly former Tories; lots of their activists and ex-members are ex-Tories; the largest block of their new voters comes from people who voted Tory in 2010.
“UKIP may claim to be anti-establishment, but their people are deeply establishment. They may claim a few allegedly left policies, but their Deputy Leader has publicly stated he wishes to privatise the NHS and they want To de-regulate employment law making low paid people even more insecure as workers rights are threatened; Higher taxes on hardworking families; Huge tax give-aways for the rich; Deeper cuts to the public services that people rely on.
“This policy framework, along with their risky plan to withdraw from the EU will put jobs, services and livelihoods at risk. No wonder their candidate in Rochester is named Reckless!”






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