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Photograph – Emily Speaking at Hustings on Health at The Sports Village

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers challenged the two supporters of the Coalition Government at last night’s first hustings hosted by The Sutton Guardian. Ms Brothers told the vociferous audience at the Sports Village venue in Rosehill Park that:
“Sutton and Cheam has a clear choice between the two Paul’s, the ‘brothers in arms’ and Labour’s Emily Brothers.
“Labour provides the only credible progressive alternative with investment in our NHS and the repeal of the internal market; a Shared recovery for everybody, not just the privileged few; Tackling the cost of living crisis through measures that include Freezing prices and regulating the energy market.”
The debate focused on health issues. Emily Brothers shared the reasons behind her own commitment to the NHS, saying this arises from her personal experience of countless eye operations as a child at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital. Ms Brothers said:
“It isn’t just that Labour founded the NHS or that we have rescued it before, but my commitment is rooted in the care I received as a child with operation after operation.
“As MP for Sutton and Cheam, I will defend services at St Helier hospital, support the £78 million upgrade of the hospital and longer term investment, back plans it’s to become a Foundation Trust and embed their work across our community.
“I’m not surprised, yet disappointed, that Lib Dem Paul Burstow refused to back Labour’s Bill being presented by Clive Efford next week. This is designed to start dismantling the NHS internal market. We need this road block to stop the Coalition’s NHS privatisation, but he continues to back moves to privatise health services.
“Reform is clearly needed, but not the kind of £3 Billion re-organisation of which Mr Burstow was a key architect. That’s why I’m committed to whole-person care – bringing health and social care together. I want an NHS that better embraces clinical decision making, whilst strengthening public accountability – utilising local referenda for major strategic decisions.
“Labour’s plans for government include a GP guarantee of an appointment within 48 hours; a one week cancer tests by 2020 and we’ll introduce a Mansion Tax on homes worth more than £2 Million to contribute towards a funding gap in the NHS – the £2.5 Billion Time to Care Fund.
“Labour will defend the NHS by negotiating an NHS exemption in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.”


Photograph – Emily on Panel at Hustings on Health at The Sports Village













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