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Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers has backed Labour’s national water affordability campaign calling on Sutton and East Surrey Water to do more to help customers in Sutton and Cheam struggling with unaffordable water bills.
Last year local provider, Sutton and East Surrey Water, made £6.9M in profits and paid £5.6M to shareholders, with only £1.8M returned to the taxpayer.
In light of these latest figures, Emily Brothers said:
“The rising cost of water is adding to the cost of living crisis. Household water bills have gone up by 12.5 per cent since 2010, at a time when household incomes are falling. As a result one in five customers struggles to pay their water bills.
“That’s why I’m campaigning in Sutton and Cheam to help people with unaffordable water bills and force Sutton & East Surrey Water to do more to help those struggling most with their water bills.
“The choice is between a Tory-LibDem Government that has done nothing to reduce water bills and a future Labour Government that has called for a ‘new deal’ with the water companies focused on affordability and fairness for all.”
Only 1,223 customers of Sutton and East Surrey Water qualify for their voluntary Social Tariff.

Notes to editors
1. Consumer Council for Water: One in five customers says their water charges are not affordable (May 2014).
‘Water Matters: Household customers’ views on their water and sewerage services 2013’: ‘Overall, 67% of all customers say the water and sewerage charges they pay are affordable. This year 20% say charges are unaffordable’.
2. New figures from the House of Commons Library show that in the last year total water company profits (before taxation) were £2.0bn with £1.8bn paid in water company dividends over the same period. This amounts to 90 per cent of pre-tax profits being paid out to shareholders in dividend payments.
3. New figures from the House of Commons Library show that just 25,943 are in receipt of support through a social tariff because there is currently no obligation for water companies to offer one (September 2014).
Customers that benefit from company social tariff:
• Wessex Water - 11,877
• Bristol - 6,187
• South West Water - 1,100
• Affinity Water – 5,399
• Thames Water - 157
• Sutton and South East – 1,223
4. Media Contact: emily.brothers@btinternet.com / www.emilybrothers.com / Mob 0776 506 0864.








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