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Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers has written to her Lib Dem opponent, Paul Burstow MP, calling on them to back a vote in Parliament on Equal Pay. The vote, next Tuesday (16 December 2014) would introduce pay transparency across companies which employ over 250 staff, requiring them to publish their own gender pay gap yearly in their annual report.
The campaign for pay transparency is being led by Labour in Parliament. It is supported by leading employers including PricewaterhouseCoopers who are one of just 5 companies known to voluntarily publish their pay gap.
Women still earn an average 81p for every pound earned by men, despite the Equal Pay Act being passed 44 years ago.
Women’s magazine Grazia and Unite will be holding a rally in Parliament on the day of the vote, to call on MPs to support the vote and will be joined by women from the original Ford Dagenham strike and cast members from the hit film ‘Made in Dagenham’.
Ms Brothers said:
“Today I’ve written to local MP Paul Burstow calling on him to support Equal Pay and vote for pay transparency in Parliament.
“44 years since the Equal Pay Act was passed women should not still be earning on average 81p for every pound a man earns. By shining a light on the problem, all of us can take the action needed to finally make equal pay a reality for women and their families.”

• At 12.30pm on Tuesday 16 December 2014, Labour’s Sarah Champion MP will introduce a 10 Minute Rule Bill to implement section 78 of the Equality Act (2010).
• Pay transparency for large employers was originally included by Labour in the Equality Act (2010) but ditched by the Conservatives and Lib Dems on entering Government. The measure is widely viewed as a way to stimulate action on the causes of the gender pay gap.
• Women in the UK still earn on average just 81p for every pound a man earns. The UK Gender Pay Gap in the UK is still higher than in most other EU countries.
• The Lib Dems recently announced that section 78 was now Lib Dem policy, but have failed to back the measure in Government.



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