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Labour will hold a vote of no confidence in Lord Freud.
Following Lord Freud’s comments that some disabled people are “not worth the full wage” and suggesting that some should be paid £2 an hour, Labour is to hold a vote in the House of Commons over whether the Government has confidence in his position as Minister for Welfare Reform.
Labour believes these comments, raised by Ed Miliband at Prime Minister’s Questions on 15 October 2014, are unacceptable and that it is unacceptable that he remains in position.
Labour will hold a vote on 29 October 2014, as part of an Opposition Day Debate.
Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers who has a disability herself, said:
“David Cameron’s failure to act after Lord Freud said that some disabled people are “not worth the full wage” is astonishing. When the disgraceful and offensive views like this go unchallenged within the Conservative Party it’s clear that mask has slipped and the nasty party is back.
"Labour will table a motion of no confidence in Lord Freud because we believe it’s completely unacceptable that David Cameron has failed to sack his minister for Welfare Reform.
“I’m very disappointed that local Conservative, Paul Scully, has so far failed to condemn these remarks.
“That’s why I have challenged Mr Scully to publicly back Labour in supporting this vote of no confidence. A failure to show demonstrable support can only be seen as supporting Lord Freud’s offensive views.”
Ms Brothers has written and open letter to Mr Scully asking for his support.

Transcript of Lord Freud’s comments:
“And then you make a really good point about the disabled. Now I had not thought through, and we have not got a system for, you know, kind of going below the Minimum Wage. But we do have… You know, Universal Credit is really useful for people with the fluctuating conditions who can do some work - go up and down - because they can earn and get...and get, you know, bolstered through Universal Credit, and they can move that amount up and down. Now, there is a small…there is a group, and I know exactly who you mean, where actually as you say they’re not worth the full wage and actually I’m going to go and think about that particular issue, whether there is something we can do nationally, and without distorting the whole thing, which actually if someone wants to work for £2 an hour, and it’s working can we actually…”
Conservative Party Conference, ‘Universal Credit: How do we make it work?’
Tuesday 30th September, 2014







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