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Photo – Emily and the Sutton's changing board


Emily Brothers, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, was blocked from intervening last night at a public meeting held by Lib Dem Sutton Council about their proposed service cuts. Following the meeting Ms Brothers said:
“I’m concerned that Lib Dem cuts will hit the most vulnerable in our community the hardest. That’s why I asked about the steps being taken to avoid serious consequences for disadvantaged groups. The rhetoric from Lib Dem leaders completely fail to identify ways of meeting this challenge. Yet it is hardly surprising that I was prevented from making a constructive proposal.
“I’m calling for the establishment of an independent Sutton Fairness Commission to shape a local strategy, investigate inequalities in our borough and scrutinise proposals on cuts or service transformation. This should embrace a breadth of political and community opinion, responsible for engaging with local people.
“The purpose of a Sutton Fairness Commission would be to replace the empty rhetoric of the Lib Dem promotional campaign with a public debate that is more balanced and has substance. An Independent Fairness Commission should recommend steps on how to improve the quality of life across the borough by making it a fairer place for all who live and work here. It would influence and inform the council on how it makes decisions on allocating resources and help community groups to meet the challenges ahead.
“The accumulative impact of the local Lib Dem £72 million cuts and Coalition austerity measures are widening inequality in our community. I’m not joining that Lib Dem and Tory race to the bottom. Hardworking families are struggling enough, so more cuts will only deepen their difficulties.
“The Lib Dem and Tory Coalition simply fail to recognise that hardworking families are finding it tough. Public services should be supporting people with anti poverty measures instead of relying on food banks.
“The Coalition’s refusal to implement Labour’s Socio Economic Duty is a stark example of the disregard Lib Dem and Tories alike have for hardworking families.”


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