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Labour’s Emily Brothers receives rapturous reception at Labour Party Conference
Wednesday 24 September 2014

Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Sutton and Cheam Emily Brothers intervened in today’s Health and Social care debate at the Labour Parties conference in Manchester.

Ms Brothers said:

“As a young child I spent a lot of time in hospital. I recall lying in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in my home city of Liverpool - operation after operation, knowing that the battle against glaucoma was being lost. However, even at that early age, I understood that the NHS was on my side. It is that personal experience that has shaped my commitment to excellence in care for all, free at the point of delivery.

“My LIB Dem opponent in Sutton and Cheam, Paul Burstow – former Health Minister - a key architect of the coalition’s restructuring of Health and Social Care. He fails to recognise the implications arising from these dismal, discredited and disastrous reforms. They don’t see it, won’t fix it – only Labour will repeal the act.

“There is a moment of redemption with the opportunity to support Clive Efford’s NHS Duties and Powers Bill, to end NHS competition. Lib Dem MP’s may well vote for it, as there is little prospect of the Bill passing into law in this Parliament.

“This is what they did recently over the hated and disreputable Bedroom Tax. They say one thing, do another thing – it is gesture politics with a scalpel.

“My Lib Dem opponent led opposition to centralised hospital closures, only to retreat at the last moment to advise the government on implementing what he argued against, not even paid for the task – at least Judis was paid for his betrayal.

“The Tory Lib Dem Coalition assert that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will have no impact on the NHS, so they are not seeking to negotiate a health exclusion. That is absurd, as TIPP will enshrine privatisation into all public services.

“I support free and fair trade, but not at any cost. We endeavour to protect people’s services, withstanding pressure from corporate business intent on wholesale NHS privatisation by litigation.

“The Tory Lib Dem Coalition is constructing a wall of health inequality. It is our task to dismantle that wall, to bring it tumbling down - Tory brick by brick, Lib Dem brick by brick.

“Only Labour has the vision and commitment to integrate person-centred Health and social care, raise quality standards and reduce waiting lists. Public ownership, funding and accountability are at the forefront of our programme for government.

“As we gather here today, Labour proudly remembers the achievements of the Attlee Government / enabled by ordinary people like Harry Smith who we heard so movingly from earlier in the debate. That’s why I want to pass on the baton to our children and grandchildren to recall at future conferences the radical and courageous reforms of Ed Miliband’s government, with Andy Burnham leading our endeavour to put socialism back into the NHS.

“We provide the only compelling and enduring vision for the people’s NHS, building on Labour’s achievements and ambitions. This is my promise to Sutton and Cheam; it is our collective pledge to the people of the United Kingdom.”


Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook