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Responding to findings from a Unison Survey of Council employees, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers said:
“I’m alarmed by the continued scale of bullying within Lib Dem Sutton Council It is becoming more covert, taking the form of humiliation, excessive criticism and intimidation.
“Lib Dem cuts are clearly making matters even worse. Employees are under significant pressure, resulting in 43% working over their contracted hours regularly or always. Work pressures along with poor management behaviour is leading to council workers feeling demoralised.
“I’m often told by staff at Lib Dem Sutton Council that they feel under pressure, not valued by managers and they are intimidated by the top-down culture.
“Lib Dem Councillors are turning a blind eye to bullying and the pressure on council workers is increasing with all the service cuts and re-organisation. That’s leading to unacceptable levels of sickness absence due to stress and bullying, costing local taxpayers who are getting less value from their services.
“Along with other residents I’m grateful for the additional hours council staff put into their role, but I’m not clear how far this Lib Dem administration want to push this goodwill. Changes to terms and conditions, not least in ending flexible working, is likely to lead to a further deterioration in employee relations.
“Lib Dem Sutton Council need to set out the measure they will take to address their culture of bullying. Employees deserve such action, whilst service users need to be assured that council provision isn’t going to be further eroded by poor management.”

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