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Photo – Emily Signing NHS People’s Petition

Photo – Emily Signing NHS People’s Petition

Labour’s 10-year plan for the NHS launched earlier this week is a blueprint to raise standards of care and ensure the health service is sustainable in the 21st century. This includes integrating care, placing a new emphasis on prevention and ensuring better access to services - so patients do not end up in hospital unless they need it. That was the bedrock to signing The NHS People’s Petition in Sutton High Street today by Emily Brothers, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam. Ms Brothers said:
“I’m proud to stand up for our NHS and reinforce my commitment to secure an exemption for health services from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Only a Labour Government will negotiate that exemption, whereas Tory and Lib Dem politicians continue to back further privatisation of our health services.
“I doubt the brothers-in-arms, Paul Burstow and Paul Scully will commit to preventing the sale of our NHS through TTIP, nor the implications that come from their disasterous re-organisation.
“This petition reinforces my opposition to future closure of St Helier’s maternity, accident and emergency or paediatric services.
“I also welcome the Petitioners call to repeal the competitive market in our NHS which the Coalition put in place. Paul Burstow was the Lib Dem architect for this infamous legislation. That’s why he isn’t on side to support the ‘people’s NHS’ – instead he’s more interested in data mining.
“I’ve written to David Cameron today asking that the Coalition take the NHS People’s Petition seriously by acting to exempt health from TTIP unequivocally.”

Photo – Emily with Pledge Card at NHS People’s Stand in Sutton High Street
Photo – Emily with Pledge Card at NHS People’s Stand in Sutton High Street

“False economies in social care have increased pressure on NHS funding with the number of avoidable hospital admissions soaring last year to a record high of more than half a million - costing the NHS around £1 billion.
“Labour’s plan to integrate services from home to hospital will help end 15-minute care slots through new year-of-care budgets, incentivising providers to improve social care and prevent vulnerable patients falling ill or injuring themselves.
“The next Labour Government will create a new arm of the NHS: 5,000 homecare workers within the NHS to help those with the greatest needs, including the terminally ill so they can stay with their family at the end of life.
“All vulnerable older people will be offered a safety check to identify risks to their health like cold homes, loneliness and the likelihood of them falling, so that problems can be tackled and they avoid unnecessary hospital visits.
“We are determined to build an NHS with the time to care: 20,000 more nurses and 8,000 more GP’s – that’s what people in Sutton tell me they want. Joined up services from home to hospital, guaranteeing GP appointments within 48 hours and cancer tests within one week is what Labour will deliver.”

Photo – Emily with NHS People’s Pledge in Sutton High Street
Photo – Emily with NHS People’s Pledge in Sutton High Street

The Labour Party's 10-year plan for Health and Care can be found here: http://www.yourbritain.org.uk/agenda-2015/policy-review/labours-ten-year-plan-for-health-and-care
It sets out that Labour will:
• Invest in staff so the NHS has time to care;
• Integrate care from home to hospital;
• Give patients new rights to access care;
• End the neglect of mental health;
• Prevent ill-health;
• Restore the right values to the NHS.

Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook