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Thursday 9 January 2014

Emily Brothers, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam has criticised the Lib Dem Council for agreeing to a large scale development at the Henderson Hospital site in Belmont. Following a chaotic and stormy Council meeting last month, the planning Control committee which met again last night was heavily attended by local residents. Reacting to the decision, Ms Brothers said:
“I absolutely agree with the need for improved health services in South Sutton, but the scale of this development has an unreasonable impact on local residents.
“Scaling back the development in some way, increasing the number of parking spaces and putting in traffic calming measures may have assisted to find a more acceptable solution.
“I’m struck by the Council’s failure to negotiate actively with the applicant on behalf of local residents, particularly to determine the scale of this development.
“The decision to go ahead was not made on clear planning grounds, but instead attempts to mask Coalition failures to address health provision in the borough.
“Whilst I am encouraged that local people organised themselves to articulate their concerns, shame on the Liberal Democrats for failing to listen.

Emily Brothers accepts the urgent need for a new Medical Centre for South Sutton, yet says that:
“The local NHS and Council have failed to tackle the need for improved GP services for South Sutton for over a decade.
“There is a serious policy drift to improve local health services, due to the Coalition’s broken re-organisation and the Lib Dem Council’s failure to address planning in a strategic way for far too long.
“This is now becoming a critical issue owing to increased birth rates and an ageing population, meaning that the two existing GP Surgeries are wholly inadequate.
“Due to a failed track record, the Liberal Democrats are now resorting to pushing through an over developed proposal.
“It is not clear why the shortly to be available Sutton Hospital site would not be suitable.
“I had hoped that the delay in the planning application would have resulted in further engagement with the local community, to consider effective adjustments to the plans and alternative site provision, but the applicant and Council failed to do the right thing yet again.”

The Addendum Report presented to the Planning Control Committee of Sutton Council on 08/01/14 stated:
“Representation from Emily Brothers, Parliamentary Candidate, The Labour Party, Sutton and Cheam Constituency raising concerns over the adequacy of community engagement by the applicant and the Council, that whilst the site should be considered for continued social and community use, the scale of the Medical Centre is not reasonable or proportionate, lack of certainty as whether the likely overspill of vehicles associated with the Medical Centre will increase in the future and that the needs of all patients should have been identified much earlier as part of an Equality Impact Assessment.”

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