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Photograph - Emily with Striking Midwives and Banner at ST Helier Hospital

NHS workers from a range of public sector unions are striking today at ST Helier Hospital. Joined for the first time in their history, midwives are also taking strike action.
The strike action - the first in the NHS over pay for over 30 years - took place from 7am until 11am on Monday 13 October 2014. This is being followed by four days ‘work to rule’, focused on workers taking their breaks.
Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, Emily Brothers visited NHS workers on the picket line at ST Helier Hospital this morning to offer her support.


Photograph - Emily with Striking Unison NHS Workers Outside ST Helier Hospital

Amidst the noise from passing traffic beeping their horns in support of the striking NHS workers, Emily Brothers said:
“Nobody wants to strike, bringing disruption to important health services. Yet it has come to it, simply because the Tory-led Coalition is intent on eroding the pay of NHS workers – they just won’t listen, don’t care.
“Strike action is being managed responsibly with emergency and essential services being maintained, whilst hard pressed NHS workers make a justified stand.
“The purpose of the Pay Review Body is to set wages. That is undermined when the government ignores those recommendations. Instead of recognising the hard work of NHS workers, the Tory Lib Dem Government continues to plan for privatising the NHS, further weakening pay and conditions.
“I think a 1% increase is very short of what NHS workers deserve. The cost of living has got more difficult for hardworking families, especially for those working in the NHS and other vital services.
“If the government really had respect for NHS workers, it would recognise their contribution and pay fairly. Instead, Coalition supporters like Paul Burstow have wasted £3 Billion on a toxic restructuring of NHS services. It says everything about their priorities in government.”

Photograph - Emily with Striking Midwives and Banner at ST Helier Hospital


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