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Emily Brothers wrote in response to the Sutton Guardian’s article published on 23 December 2013 on Local Authority cuts. She said:

What is even more “disingenuous” about the cuts of £13M to Sutton Council, is that Councillor Dombey conveniently fails to recognise is that her own Liberal Democrat Party are bound into the Coalition for austerity. The ConDem’s are “in it together”, reducing public services and have brought about a crisis in living standards.
When it comes to applying cuts to Sutton Council, it will be down to the Liberal Democrats having thrown in their lot with the Tories. They are complicit in the reduction of public services. It is too late now for the LibDem’s to abdicate responsibility. Instead, the residents of Sutton should sack them at the Local Elections in May 2014.
As for Councillor Dombey’s woeful plea to the Mayor, Boris Johnson, to re-allocate funds to local councils for social housing, she again conveniently forgets that the Liberal Democrats have failed to address affordable housing locally. Only last week, the Liberal Democrat run Council allowed the major re-development of the Gas Holders Site at the North end of Sutton to go ahead without any affordable housing. Perhaps the LibDem’s partner in Government doesn’t trust them to deliver – they are not alone.
It was the ConDem Coalition that cut funding for affordable homes by 60% in 2010. This is what the Coalition partner’s calls commitment.
The next Labour Government will build more than 200,000 homes a year in England by the end of the next Parliament - Effectively doubling what is done today. This is why Labour provides the only genuine progressive agenda to meet the challenges of affordable housing. We will also protect public services by focusing on growth, not austerity.

Emily Brothers
Labour Parliamentary Candidate
Sutton and Cheam


Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook