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The Case for Labour

Labour will earn our way out of the cost of living crisis by building an economy that works for working people. Ed Miliband has set the agenda for tackling the cost of living crisis and Emily Brothers, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, is leading our fairness pledge locally.

• Emily Brothers supports freezing gas and electricity bills until 2017 and reform the energy market to prevent customers being ripped off.
• Emily Brothers wants to make work pay by expanding free childcare for three and four year olds to 25 hours for working parents, paid for by an increase in the bank levy.
• Emily Brothers backs long-term investment by getting 200,000 homes built a year by 2020 and establishing a British Investment Bank.
• Emily Brothers endeavours to get the next generation into work, with a compulsory jobs guarantee for young people unemployed for a year or more – with a real paid job they’ll have to take or lose benefits, paid for by a tax on bank bonuses.

Ed Miliband and Emily Brothers will take a fairer approach to bringing down the deficit.

• Emily Brothers recognises that tougher times are ahead and will make fair choices on spending, deliver a surplus on the current budget and get the national debt falling as soon as possible in the next Parliament. Labour will scrap winter-fuel payments for the wealthiest pensioners.
• Emily Brothers supports plans to get the deficit down in a fairer way, by raising the top rate of tax from 45p back to 50p for the richest one per cent of earners on over £150,000.

Ed Miliband is committed to devolve greater powers to local communities, enabling Emily Brothers and her Labour Team to make a positive difference for Sutton.

• Emily Brothers will tackle inequalities and the cost of living crisis by establishing a Fairness Commission.
• Emily Brothers will encourage a stronger local economy by attracting inward investment, promoting social enterprise and establishing a Co-operative Development Agency.
• Emily Brothers will protect and improve our environment by undertaking a review of the incinerator, recycling and waste management – driven by a new Sustainable Sutton Task Force.
• Emily Brothers will proactively defend St Helier Hospital from closure and will scrutinise any commissioning reforms of its services.
• Emily Brothers will meet local housing needs by enabling the building of 400 affordable homes, controlling private rent and reforming the Council Repairs Service.
• Emily Brothers supports hard working families through her commitment to improve child care provision and building a new secondary school.
• Emily Brothers aims to foster community cohesion by enhancing local facilities and neighbourhood policing.

You can trust Labour to deliver economic growth, tackle economic and social inequalities, secure local regeneration and sustainable environment, broker a better deal for ST Helier hospital and other local public services. Emily Brothers will act in the public interest and inspire Sutton’s ambition.

Contact details:- E-Mail info@emilybrothers.com ~ Call 0776 506 0864 ~ Join Emily on Facebook