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The Case Against The UK Independence Party

UKIP don’t share your values. The truth is they are even more right wing than the Tories.

A vote for UKIP is a vote for:
• Higher taxes for hardworking families;
• Huge tax giveaways for the rich;
• Even deeper cuts to the public services you rely on;
• Charges to see your GP;
• Scrapping your rights as a worker;
• Ending the requirement for people on benefits to look for work.

UKIP really want to:
• Cut taxes for the wealthiest, while raising taxes for you and your family, with a flat rate of income tax of 31 per cent, so millionaires would pay the same rate of tax as working families;
• Cut the public services you rely on – even deeper and faster than the Tories;
• Introduce charges to use key NHS services, including your GP;
• Abolish your rights as a worker, including parental leave, maternity pay, holiday, sick and even redundancy pay;
• End the requirement for people on benefits to look for work, paying the same level of benefits to everyone – even if they refuse to look for a job;
• Higher bankers’ bonuses.
Two former UKIP Members of the European Parliament have been jailed for fraud. Tom Wise was jailed for two years for expenses fraud and Ashley Mote was found guilty of 21 offences of benefit fraud.
UKIP’s record on discrimination speaks for itself, with many incidents of racist and sexist comments made by their representatives.
Nigel Farage believe that women are “worth less” in the workplace.
We don’t know the views of Angus Dalgleish, UIKIP’s candidate in 2015 for Sutton and Cheam, as he remains the silent and “Absent Professor”.
UKIP seeks to be popularist, yet they lack any substance. If you would like to be enlightened, listen to Sutton’s UKIP representative explain what they will do!


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