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Photograph of Emily




Emily’s pioneering campaign secured 5,546 (11.09%) votes in Sutton and Cheam - 2,170 (4.15%) more votes than Labour managed in 2010.


Emily’s campaign got off to a flying start at Sutton United’s Boom Boom Club with a celebrity comedy night. ‘Stand Up for Emily’ featured Paul Ricketts, Adam Bloom, Norman Lovett, Lucy Porter and Arthur Smith.

Photo of Emily Brothers speaking on stage

Photo of Emily Brothers speaking on stage

Photo of Lucy Porter, Paul Ricketts, Sadiq Khan, Emily Brothers and Norman Lovett

Photo of Lucy Porter, Paul Ricketts, Sadiq Khan, Emily Brothers and Norman Lovett



Improve the cost of living
Tackle cost of living with an energy freeze; 10p tax rate for 24 million people; free childcare extended to 25 hours a week; job guarantee for young people; university tuition fees cut to £6,000 and all Sutton in rail Zone 4.

A “Protect St Helier Hospital” Referendum
Your vote for me will be a mandate to demand the Council hold a “Protect St Helier hospital” local referendum at the same time as an already arranged election in 2016 or 2018.


That’s why Emily has launched her ballot on the future of St Helier Hospital. To cast your vote visit:

More nurses, more GPs, more midwives
Repeal Health & Social Care Act and NHS competition laws; guaranteed GP appointment within 48 hours; guaranteed cancer test within a week; more spend on young people’s mental health; 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more doctors and 3,000 more midwives.

No Secondary School on Rosehill Park
A new secondary school in the right place. It should be on previously used ‘brownfield’ land in Belmont, not on our green open space at Rosehill.

More homes to buy and rent
Build 200,000 new homes on average a year by 2020 to buy and rent.


Photo of Emily by Support St Helier Banner


Emily received a rapturous reception during the health and social care debate at the Labour Party’s conference held in September 2014. She attacked her Lib Dem opponent for “gesture politics with a scalpel.”


Photograph - Emily at the Labour Party Conference 2014 - picture courtesy of BBC television 2014

Photograph - Emily Brothers on Platform Speaking to Labour Party Conference

You can watch Emily’s conference speech here.

Emily networks amongst Labour Party leaders and activists at Labour’s conference. She is working to represent the interests of people in Sutton and Cheam on the policy of the next Labour Government.


Photograph - Emily with Ed Miliband


Photograph - Emily with Ed Balls


Photograph - Emily speaking with Tristram Hunt

Emily speaks at the Labour Women’s conference about legal aid and visits Manchester’s Comedy Store to discuss progressive politics.


Photograph - Emily speaks at the Labour's Women's conference


Photograph - Emily at the Manchester Comedy Store


Emily canvasses residents of Coronation Street and visits The Rovers Return to talk over her concerns about pub closures.

Photograph - Emily outside The Rovers Return


Photograph - Emily Inside The Rovers Return


Emily’s Biography


Emily Brothers has a professional and campaign record promoting equality, social justice and economic growth. As local resident and activist, Emily endeavours to:

  • Advance the interests of our community through Labour’s agenda on fairness, inclusion and mitigate against the impact of austerity;

  • Improve people’s living standards, to include control of energy costs with better regulation of a reformed market, whilst supporting the consumer against corporate interests through not-for-private-profit rail and postal services;

  • Defend public services, particularly those at ST Helier Hospital, as well as ensuring self-directed care and safeguarding patients from neglect;

  • Promote economic growth through job creation, encouraging social enterprise, enabling fair trade, prices and decent working conditions;

  • Develop infrastructure, such as superfast broadband to close the digital divide, increasing capacity across public transport, building more homes and diversifying affordable stock;

  • Enhance quality and provision of childcare, education provision that includes a new secondary school for the borough, providing sustainable routes out of poverty that ends the need for food banks and pay day lenders.

Photograph - Emily speaking to Sutton UNISON

Campaign Centre

Emily Brothers is campaigning on a wide range of issues, advancing Labour’s values and setting out the case against the Tories and Liberal Democrats.


Emily’s Support Team includes Sinead Smith and Vikki Flatt, enabled through the Access to Elected Office Fund for Disabled People.

Photograph - Emily with Sinead and Vikki


Policy Centre


Photograph - Emily with Ed Miliband at the launch of the London Manifesto in nearby Croydon

Emily Brothers has set out a comprehensive set of policies for an ambitious Sutton, including to:

  • Act strategically to tackle inequality and the cost of living crisis through a Fairness Commission;

  • Strengthen the local economy by creating a Co-operative Development Agency and ensure support for hardworking people;

  • Establish a Sustainability Task Force to review the new incinerator and improve recycling rates;

  • Enhance services at ST Helier Hospital with the £219M for re-development that the Tory and Lib Dem Coalition have withdrawn.

Building on Sutton’s Local Manifesto, Emily is working to influence Labour Party policy and articulate our UK programme for Government.

Photograph - Picture of Emily

Media Centre

Emily Brothers is a strong advocate for hardworking families and vulnerable people in Sutton, having resonance across the country. These interests are reflected in a variety of Media Statements that she has released.

Emily brothers is the first blind woman to stand for the UK Parliament. Learn about her experience and views on the Disability Now Podcast.


Photograph – Emily at Royal Marsden Stall During Belmont Festival

Emily wants to engage in a conversation with everybody across our community. So please do get in touch to express your views, share your experiences and tell her about your concerns and aspirations.


Photograph - Emily at her computer


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